Frantic 3 !?!?!

2013-01-23 09:25:51 by polymerrabbit

Ive released Frantic 3!

Here is a trailer I made a while back, hopfully you enjoy it and let me know what you think >.<

-Make sure to view it in HD, otherwise it will look even more messy than it already is :D

Frantic 2

2009-08-26 12:14:15 by polymerrabbit

Frantic 2 will be released tommorow... WOO!


2008-11-30 11:38:12 by polymerrabbit

Ill try to keep my progress on new games up to date on my blog.

Flash Surf

2008-09-15 13:56:47 by polymerrabbit

I love audiosurf, so I made a game with similar visuals to it. Its no where near the quality of audiosurf. But yeah.. didnt take long to make :D


2008-09-06 12:29:13 by polymerrabbit

Tons of fun games to come!